Saturday, March 22, 2008

my creativity wheels have been spinning

since julie and pam came over thursday i have been going crazy trying to sit in my scrapbooking area to work on cards. well i finally got the chance today. i completed 12 get well soon cards for the spm april convention that i am invited to as a guest.
also i made a birthday card for a friend who is having a surprised
party next week. thanks lizzie for the idea for that card. i got it from
patty's blog from a card making nite spm had. i plan to make more
tonight also.
julie i think we should get together once a week during the summer. good idea. you make me want to scrap. lol


Anonymous said...


Love your cards and glad to know that I will be getting one of those. You sure have been busy lately. I watch you and Patty's blogs all the time. Don't ever think that I don't check them because I do look forward to them.

Love, Liz

Peppermint "Patty" said...

Love your cards girl. Good job. Thanks for my b-day card too. It is beautiful and very appreciated. Keep up the awesome job. YOu are smokin'!!! patty

Anonymous said...

linda you did a great job on the cards. love them


My Paper World said...

Very pretty cards!